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Nobel laureate concerned about lockdown relaxations, says COVID vaccine not for 9-12 months

Warning of the tightrope walk ahead as governments battle the COVID-19 crisis, Nobel laureate Peter Charles Doherry has expressed concern about densely populated countries such as India relaxing lockdown norms while also describing a complete shutdown as "an economic and... (More)

Herd Immunity may fix COVID-19 Problem

India needs a strategy to develop herd Immunity to survive the covid pandemic. All strategies that have been adopted so far assume that Covid and its spectre would disappear in a few weeks or, at the most, a few months.... (More)

Trump will stop funding WHO if they did not commit to substansive improvement within 30 days and will reconsider their membership of organization.

World Health Organisation says the virus may never go away

New coronavirus clusters have surfaced around the world as nations struggle to balance reopening economies and preventing a second wave of infections, while a top global health official warned that COVID-19 could be around for a long time.

Authorities in... (More)