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Presence of Duplicate entries and spelling mistakes, reduce data quality.


If you are extracting data from a poor source, then this could be a problem as you would have to spend a lot of time cleaning the data.


Click on the "Select All" button at the intersection of your row and column headings. The cells in your worksheet highlight to confirm they're selected.


Switch to the "Data" tab in the Microsoft Excel ribbon and locate the... (More)

  • Improve formulas 1: Some functions such as SUMIFS, COUNTIFS need to make enormous amount of calculations if your data is large. Play with their ranges. Do you really need to refer the whole column or just a small range will... (More)
The Safejob Expert

Multiple sorting refers to the sorting of a column and then sorting the other column by keeping the first column intact. In Excel, you can definitely sort multiple columns at a one time.

To do multiple sorting, you need to... (More)