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Purpose of banks
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Wholesale banking refers to the complete banking solution provided by the merchant banks to the large scale buisness organizations and the government agencies or institutions. To avail the facility of wholesale banking, the companies need to possess a strong financial... (More)

Offshore banks are banks that are located outside a customer’s resident country. So, if you are resident in one country but have a bank account in another country, this account is technically an “offshore” account.

For instance, in Singapore, now... (More)

Retail Banks
Commercial banks
Cooperative banks
Investment Banks
Specialized banks
Central banks
Retail Banks:

Types of banking are;

  1. Group banking,
  2. Chain banking,
  3. Branch banking,
  4. Unit banking,
  5. Mixed banking.

The term Banking may define as accepting of deposit of money from the public for lending or investing investment of that money which are repayable on... (More)