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The Role of IT in Logistics and Supply Chain Management After the Post Covid - 19, The IT ENABLED Tools and Equipments such as Drones and AI Tools will be in More Demand and the LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN Industry... (More)
Chirag Agrawal
Logistics and Data Analytics Expert

Need of maintaining an ERP

1. Many key business questions go unanswered

Can you quickly and easily answer important business questions and can you trust the data you’re using to answer these questions? Silo systems and lack of access to metrics and KPIs are common... (More)

Shubham Talwar
e- commerce and service sector Expert
A CD is 1.2 mm thick and rotates at a speed that varies between around 500 r.p.m. at the inside of the disc to around 200 r.p.m. at the outside (the disc is read from the inside to the outside).... (More)