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Ask Meenakshi
Ask Meenakshi

Ask Meenakshi anything about Power Point Presentations and Business English, personal interview tips, group discussion tips and English aptitude.

Meenakshi serves as an independent Strategy Consultant, English Language Instructor, Personality Development and Campus Recruitment Trainer. A dynamic personality passionate towards training and empowering others, she has a corporate experience of more than 6 years in multiple functional domains like research, consulting, portfolio management and business development. 

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It's a course in Business English. Can you share your email ID? I will ask someone to reach out to you.

Day 2 assignment from Mohpeshwar Bisen
Day 1 assignment from Mohpeshwar Bisen
  1. Click File > Passwords.
  2. Under Password to open, select Encrypt this presentation and require a password to open check box.
  3. In the New password box, type a password.
  4. In the Verify box, type the password again, and then click Set... (More)