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Jitendra Singh Rawat
Student/Learner/Traveler/Bibliophile in love with life :)
Asked a question last year

Will you reject a candidate having excellent technical skills but lacks soft skills?

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Varaang Ghai
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Selecting or rejecting a candidate depends upon lots of factors which includes, Knowledge, Skills, Abilities which are the most crucial factors.

To answer your question, that totally depends upon the Job Role. Every Job profile consists of its own Job roles and Job Description. According to which a candidate is being screened.  

If there is a job which required a candidate with excellent technical skills then advantage will be given to a candidate who has precision in Technical skills.

Similarly, if there a job requires that focus on more of soft skills and less of technical skills preference will be given on candidate who has good soft skills .


Sukhpreet Singh
Head Training and Placements

No, unless job role needs an essential soft skill and that too at high quotient. Soft skills are developed with time as we get sensitized to their need in job. With strong leaders in company, this can be ensured at later stage too.