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Who emerges as largest miner for steel making in year 2020?

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Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) has emerged as the largest miner of minerals used as steel making inputsin FY 2019-20. While Coal India Limited is the largest domestic miner, SAIL which is involved in mining of iron ore, fluxes (limestone and dolomite), coking coal and non-coking coal for its own requirement, said it has inched up close to Coal India Limited in 2019-20.

In an official statement on Friday SAIL said it mined a total of 32.406 million tonne of all the steelmaking minerals during financial year 2019-20, an increase of almost 4% over previous financial year. The growth was in step with the increase in its steel making capacity as SAIL also emerged as the largest crude steel producer during FY’20 in India.

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