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Arihant Jain
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Asked a question 2 years ago

Who can help me understand career opportunities in Supply chain industry?

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Varaang Ghai
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There are immense Career Opportunities in Supply Chain Industry which are not just limited to one place, city , state or a country. Career Opportunities in Supply Chain are Globally available. As our world is connected with Global Supply Chain. 

To give you a brief :-

It starts from, Career Opportunity in  Warehouse Operations, Transportation Management, Vendor Management, 3PL, Freight Forwarding, E-comm, Information Technology used in Supply Chain etc. 

When today every country is combating Covid-19. Global Supply Chain ( Sea Freight & Air Freight) is plying a vital role in providing essentials. 



we have lot of job opportunists in  supply chain industry in all sectors

even today entire world has been shutdown but swiggy, zomator,flipkart and amazon are working this is what supply chain industry.

Jahnvi Singh Parihar
Communication Skills, Educational Technology & Operations Expert

If you’re interested in supply chain management, then you know that it’s an exciting field with plenty of career opportunities. In fact, from manufacturing to data analysis, there are very few areas of business that supply chain management doesn’t touch upon. With so many roles and career paths, finding a position that matches your interests and experience might seem a bit overwhelming. And with proper knowledge & research you can find the perfect role for yourself.

Following are some options that you can look upon:-

  • MANUFACTURING-  Since supply chains begin with the process of manufacturing and end with getting the product into the hands of the consumer, manufacturing jobs are among the most important in the field. One of the most popular roles within manufacturing is a production manager, a position that oversees the manufacture of products in a plant. 
  • DATA ANALYSIS-  Data management is another key component in supply chains and being able to analyze and understand this data helps supply chains work efficiently.
  • PROCUREMENT-  Another supply chain career path with a lot of opportunities is procurement. Focusing primarily on identifying and purchasing the raw materials needed to create products, procurement is a key part of what keeps supply chains going.
  • TRANSPORTATION-  Getting products into the hands of consumers is the main goal of a supply chain. And meeting that goal would not be possible without transportation. As a result, there are many exciting career opportunities related to transportation including entry-level roles like a transportation analyst or logistics analyst and more senior roles like being a transportation manager.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE-  Last but not least is customer service3. Always a crucial part of any interaction between a business and a consumer, customer service positions ensure that customers are satisfied with the products they receive.