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Anant Kumar Singh
Manager - Placement
Asked a question last year

What will be my career after college ?

Where am I?

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Graduation plays a critical role in shaping one’s professional career. After completing graduation, you are supposed to have superior knowledge in a particular stream of education. Graduation provides a base that you can utilize to realize your dreams. While many students find a right way to fulfill their dreams, a majority of them find it difficult to choose the right career option after graduation. The confusion in choosing right career option is natural. You have numerous career options after graduation like Management, Hospitality, Computer, Information Technology etc. Many of them didn’t even exist a few years ago. Therefore, you may need to seek guidance and support from experienced counselors in choosing the best career after graduation.

Sukhpreet Singh
Head Training and Placements

Your career is what you choose and what you like. Only you have to focus on what all is needed to achieve this. If you have just completed specialised program in college, it is easy to decide as you already are in right track of knowing what you want. Or else first explore and investigate. Use career guidance tools. They are really helpful. 

what will be my career after college is what you gain and technic in our collede .and I think nothing is impossible   think      what you do make a possible. make workhard and career will be grow up.its my openion. thankyou