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Varaang Ghai
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Asked a question last year

What skills are required to become a Data Entry Operator?

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Chirag Agrawal
Logistics and Data Analytics Expert

Good morning sir, 

The basic skills required for data entry are- 1. To have basic knowledge and hands on experience of MS-WORD and MS-EXCEL. 

2. To have proficient typing skills on keyboard. 

3. To have Computer and technical skills. 

4. Good Communication skills. 

5. Multi tasking. 

6. Accuracy and attention to detail. 


debakshi gupta
CRM and English Skills expert

1.Proficient typing skills- This can be developed by mere practice. Focus on not only practicing but practicing correctly.

  • a. Improve typing speed
  • b. Avoid making spelling and grammatical errors while typing
  • c. Also you could use apps for checking errors.

2.Computer or technical skills- Basic computer skills need you to know

  • a.Software12 proficiency
  • b. Programmimg Languages
  • c. Common operating system
  • d. Powerpoint Presentation skills
  • e. Project management

3.Communication Skills- You are required to focus on both verbal and non verbal communication. communication is effective only when the intended message is successfully delivered, received and interpreted .Hence communication is a vital life skill that definitely cannot be overlooked.

4. Organizing abilities- Organizational skills are needed in the workplace to increase productivity and ensure deadlines are consistently met. This helps employees meet the company’s goals more effectively which may lead to a successful overall company performance. It involves

  • a. Planning
  • b. Time management
  • c. Team work

5.Basic literacy and numeracy skills