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Diya Sengupta
Safejob Community Manager
Asked a question last year

What is the first thing you will do after the lockdown ends?

Where am I?

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Visit to Slum area and I will support them by my means.

Help them to get employment for thier livelyhood.

Ankur Singla
MBA in supply chain and logistics

I will do the internship and try to have basic skills in supply chain. i will focus on understand challenges of supply chain at ground level 

I would like to clean my shop ,start my work

I will walk down and think positive future and return to normality.

Jahnvi Singh Parihar
Communication Skills, Educational Technology & Operations Expert

To be honest, there is nothing such I regret about this lockdown except missing the usual working days of the earlier normal life. Also I appreciate the concept of LOCKDOWN as it undoubtedly is helping the nature to heal which is clearly visible. The virus should never return once it is gone but this lockdown should, once every year for a span of around one month  as it compensates the damage we do to our Mother Earth. Truly this lockdown thing has helped us bring more calm into our lives as from the past 1.5 months mostly all of us are far away from the daily hustle of our lives.

And considering the post- lockdown scenes, I'm just waiting to see a normal day same as the earlier ones, people walking down the roads without the fear of any VIRUS & all peace around!!

Chirag Agrawal
Logistics and Data Analytics Expert

I will do complete my pending task which requires my physical presence and then will look forward to catch up with my offline mode of education.  

I would really love to go my college and complete my graduation degree as this was my last semester. I want to visit my friends , cousins with whom I am unable to meet due to the lockdown.

But on the other hand I didn't regreat about the lockdown because due to it I am able to pursue this internship , focus on my skills like Advance Excel, Power BI etc  which will help me in future at the time of Job Interview.

I will complete my pending works