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Manonita Rathore
Gig economy and behaviour &soft skills Expert
Asked a question last year

What is taskrabbit ?

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Manonita Rathore
Gig economy and behaviour &soft skills Expert

TaskRabbit is a two-sided marketplace that connects ‘TaskPosters,’ people who need help, with ‘TaskRabbits,’ a network of pre-approved and background checked individuals, who have the time and skills needed to complete the listed task. Hailed as godsend to people with more money than time, it allows people to outsource small jobs and tasks to others in their neighbourhood. TaskRabbit aims to help people take back their lives, be their own boss, help people out, and make some money.

Salient Features of TaskRabbit

  • Available in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Houston, LA & OC, Phoenix, Portland, San Antonio, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle, SF Bay Area, and one international location as London for now. 
  • Crowdsource Marketplace model with TaskPosters willing to outsource petty tasks being connected to TaskRabbits willing to do those tasks.
  • Over 50 full-time employees working in the San Francisco office and about 50,000 runners signed up on the platform.

Value Proposition

  • Saves time
  • Easy to get help
  • Taskdoers with a clean background
  • Insurance (every task is insured upto $1,000,000)
  • Cash free payment
  • Local jobs in and around the neighbourhood
  • No schedule job, work at your own convenient time
  • Instant money- wages immediately after the task
  • Better return on reputation as the level increases