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Nikita Sharma
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What is purpose of Newsletter?

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Newsletters keep customers and prospects up to date with developments in your company. By selecting the right content, you can keep your audience informed on topics such as new products, special promotional offers and your company's participation in exhibitions and conferences.

debakshi gupta
CRM and English Skills expert

A newsletter is a cost-effective marketing tool for building regular communication with customers and prospects. To be successful, your newsletter must offer readers content that is useful and easy to digest. A newsletter is a useful medium for demonstrating your company’s capability. Publishing articles commenting on important issues in your industry or reviewing recent industry research indicates that your company has a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing your customers. Articles that demonstrate your technical expertise can help to position your company as the leading experts in your industry. You also can publish brief case studies showing how you solved problems for your customers.

Newspaper keeps the person updated with all the information what is happening in the world it updates our general knowledge also 

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