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What is fright Transport?

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Shubham Talwar
e- commerce and service sector Expert

Freight transport is the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise goods and cargo. The term shipping originally referred to transport by sea but in American English, it has been extended to refer to transport by land or air as well.

Freight Transport: The physical method of transporting commodities, merchandise goods, and cargo is known as Freight Transport. As we all know, the original meaning of the word 'shipping' is 'transport by sea'. But, this word is extended in American English to refer to 'transport by land or air' as well. As another example, 'Logistics', a term acquired from the military environment, is also fashionably used in the equal sense.

There are four major types of freight transportation available for shippers to use in the world of freight shipping. The primary ones are by ground (road), rail, ocean, and air. All major freight types can be split into their own associated service groups.

Freight shipping is the process of transporting commodities, goods and cargo by land, sea or air. Common types of freight shipping over the road include truckload, less than truckload (LTL) and intermodal.

Freight itself can be defined as the goods transported by truck, train, ship or plane. 

The means of transport commonly associated with freight shipping are trucks, railroad cars and large ships carrying containers.