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What is communication process?

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Shubham Talwar
e- commerce and service sector Expert

Communication Process

The communication process consists of several components. Let's take a look.

A sender is the party that sends a message. Lindsey, of course, will be the sender. She'll also need the message, which is the information to be conveyed. Lindsey will also need to encode her message, which is transforming her thoughts of the information to be conveyed into a form that can be sent, such as words.

A channel of communication must also be selected, which is the manner in which the message is sent. Channels of communication include speaking, writing, video transmission, audio transmission, electronic transmission through emails, text messages and faxes and even nonverbal communication, such as body language. Lindsey also needs to know the target of her communication. This party is called the receiver.

The receiver must be able to decode the message, which means mentally processing the message into understanding. If you can't decode, the message fails. For example, sending a message in a foreign language that is not understood by the receiver probably will result in decoding failure.