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What is Automated Warehousing?

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Shubham Talwar
e- commerce and service sector Expert

There is a tendency for AI to transform warehousing operations such as collecting and analyzing information or inventory processing. As a result, AI assists in increasing efficiency and getting profit. How does it work? Artificial intelligence is used to predict the demand for certain products. After that, the company delivers demanding items to the regional warehouses reducing the transportation costs.

According to Vero Solutions7, companies can automate 30% of warehousing tasks in the next few years.

Moreover, the system with artificial intelligence can manage the work as well as fulfill various routine tasks. We’ve prepared an example of the company that has implemented AI into the warehousing system and got some profit.

Ocado48. It’s an online supermarket that is located in Great Britain. This company has developed an automated warehouse. There is a robot called ‘hive-grid-machine’ that carries off the orders a lot faster then workers do. The numbers are insane. During one week, ‘hive-grid-machine’ can fulfill 65,000 orders or replace 3,5 million grocery items. These robots assist in moving, lifting, and sorting things. After that, the Ocado’s employees pack and send orders. As a result, the time needed to send an order is reduced.

Automated warehouses tend to use computer vision. This technology allows recognizing and organizing the items. Moreover, in the future, computer vision will assist in managing quality control without people’s oversight.
If there are several warehouses in the chain, artificial intelligence offers to connect them in order to find the best variant for transporting the inventory.