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Yash Joshi
Human Resource (HR) and Corporate Admin Expert
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What can i do whith my HR degree?

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Shubham Talwar
e- commerce and service sector Expert

The field of human resources offers perhaps one of the broadest ranges of career opportunities in the workforce today. Though obviously bonded by a set of common practices and goals, human resources careers are surprisingly diverse.

After obtaining a human resources certificate, a graduate is qualified for the following positions:

  • Human Resources Clerk
  • HR Assistant
  • Recruiter
  • Training and Development Coordinator
  • Payroll Specialist
  • HR Generalist

A recent graduate with a human resource bachelor's degree may anticipate being placed in the following positions:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Compensation or Benefit Analyst/Manager
  • HR Information Systems Manager
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Labor Relations Manager

HR professionals who graduate with a master's degree are qualified for the following positions:

  • Director of Human Resources
  • VP of Human Resources
Yash Joshi
Human Resource (HR) and Corporate Admin Expert

You'll improve your chances of progressing in human resources (HR) by gaining work experience involving dealing with people in organisations.

Opportunities to develop your interpersonal skills are valuable so take on positions of responsibility. You should also embrace any chance to manage other people in a working or voluntary work environment. For example, dealing with organisational policies and procedures, training and coaching, observing disciplinary and grievance procedures or supervising other people will provide an excellent insight into HR processes.

Any office or administration role will also be useful and will allow you to see how an organisation works with its employees.