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Manonita Rathore
Gig economy and behaviour &soft skills Expert
Asked a question last year

What can be the body language mistakes one do during a job interview?

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Manonita Rathore
Gig economy and behaviour &soft skills Expert

Body language plays and very important role in impressing the interviewer. Body language is judged from the very first when you enter  the room or exit. Here are the body languages mistake that one do during job interview which impact bad impression on the interviewer :-  

A. Sitting with bended back. If used slouches forward or backward, this posture looks bad and can have a bad impact on interviewer.

B. Do not look directly into interviewer eyes. You can 2 second look on the other part of the face.  

C. Do not hide your hand or fidget your finger, it will show that you are nervous.

D. Smiling too much or not at all smiling. You should smile on appropriate time, that will show you’re positive and interest in that interview.

E. Dressing unprofessionally, wearing very bright color or any prints instead wear dark and dress professionally.

F. A weak or strong handshake . this can impact negatively on the interviewer. This shows that you are very nervous.

Jahnvi Singh Parihar
Communication Skills, Educational Technology & Operations Expert

It is quite obvious that many of us get nervous when in an interview & do some or the other mistakes that are common in all the cases because of the human nature, here are some mistakes related to your body language that are possible during an interview:- 

1. Lip biting

An anxious habit that can be read as a sign of deceit or even as a sexual advance. Avoid!

2. Rapid Head Movement

This is straight out of the established list of things to watch out for in liars. Try to keep your head still when being asked a question, and not move it immediately after.

3. Mouth Covering

This can convey your reluctance to answer the question. Try not to cover your mouth unless you sneeze or cough, at least while you’re in the hot seat.

4. Stiffness

At the same time, try to avoid being too still. You’ll look a bit awkward, forced, or even as though you’re trying to overcompensate for your dishonesty with your stillness. Act natural!

5.  Unbalanced Eye Contact

It’s crucial to maintain an appropriate level of eye contact—not too much (weird) and not too little (untrustworthy/shady). Try to strike a natural balance and avoid extremes in either direction.

These are some of the common mistakes all of us might do when nervous.