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Nikita Sharma
Business News Expert
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What are types of Announcements?

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4 types of announcements are:

1.Informational Announcements

Informational in-store announcements are the most common type of announcements heard in stores. These announcements serve to keep shoppers up to date on new products, specials and more. A favorite and extremely effective type of announcement shares with shoppers details about the latest sales, product offerings, and coupons…and the list goes on and on. These announcements can be used to describe a particular marketing offer that will keep registers busy, pushing stagnant products off the shelves faster, and increasing revenue. Or, these informational announcements can be played in a series format to educate customers on a new product or offering available now or coming soon.

This type of announcement has few boundaries. Owners should always put themselves in the shoes of those in-store—what would be helpful for them to know? If it’s of value, tell them! They’ll likely be grateful for the information.

2.Combine On and Offline Experiences

This topic has been covered here on our blog41 before, but in-store announcements can be a great way to tie together the on and offline shopping experience. Today’s customers are usually multichannel. While they’ll come into the store, they also likely visit the website or follow the brand on social media. Why not use this natural way of shopping to the business’ advantage? Use an in-store announcement to encourage shoppers to “like” or “follow” the brand on social media for an in-store offer. Or encourage shoppers to visit the website for a special coupon. Not only will the digital efforts of the business be rewarded, but so will the bottom line.

3.Event Invitation

In-store announcements can be one of the best and easiest ways to spread the word about an upcoming event26. Whether the event is a fundraiser for a local sports team or hosting a special visitor in the store, these customers are a captive audience for the invitation. They may pass by a poster or flyer in the store, but after hearing a few different announcements with event details, they’ll be much more likely to pay attention. Or, even better, customers may start to consider that business as the best place to host their own event.

4.In-Store Only and On-Demand Offers

Sometimes the need for a particular announcement comes on with little warning. For example, if a one-day-only sale isn’t going well in the first few hours, it could be because customers are just passing the offer by. However, hearing it over the speakers may be just the thing to convert them and send them to the cash register. Or, use overhead announcements to reward in-store customers with special offers. There is no limit to what the announcement can be, but the key is to be able to craft a customized announcement10 and have it on the ready immediately with little drag time.

At the end of the day, these announcements should not only sound appealing, but be of value to anyone in the brick and mortar store. They should focus on sharing key information in an appealing way, depending on the information the business is looking to impart. They should seek to keep individuals engaged while also nurturing customers for a long-term relationship. The key is to make the messages compelling and to show the breadth and depth of what the business has to offer them.