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Asked a question 2 years ago

What are the innovative methods to improvise the training skills?

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Siddharth Stephen
Assistant Manager - Business Development

After being a part of so many trainings in my professional career, I personally recall only the one's which were specifically designed keeping in mind that training is not just teaching or imparting knowledge. It is far more than that!

Below are few points as per me which makes an impactful training:

  1. Customized approach of the Trainer based on the Audience.
  2. Interactive & Activity Lead Learning (Gamification).
  3. Blending E-Learning & citing examples on topics through videos.
debakshi gupta
CRM and English Skills expert

1. Explore different training method: different people takes different time to grasp a skill. Hence focus on your trainee’s need and customize your methods according to them. Identify the skills that employees need to do their jobs, identify gaps between where they are and what they need, and focus training on resolving the gaps. 

2. Organize for feedback sessions- During and after the training period organize follow up sessions for people to engage and find out lags ,challenges they faced to learn the skill. Accept everybody can have flaws and Take it positively  to inculcate it further in your training courses to improve for better.

3. Research on how to make the training sessions more effective . Create different interesting and engaging training curriculum to offer multiple learning paths for audience, based on their existing skills and future career goals.