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debakshi gupta
CRM and English Skills expert
Asked a question last year

What are some disadvantages of online-retailing?

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debakshi gupta
CRM and English Skills expert
  • Here are some disadvantages of e-tailing4
  • Website costs - planning, designing, creating, hosting, securing and maintaining a professional e-commerce website isn’t cheap, especially if you expect large and growing sales volumes.
  • Infrastructure costs - even if you aren’t paying the cost of customer-facing premises, you’ll need to think about the costs of physical space for order fulfilment, warehousing goods, dealing with returns and staffing for these tasks.
  • Security and fraud - the growth of online retail market has attracted the attention of sophisticated criminal elements. The reputation of your business could be fatally damaged if you don’t invest in the latest security systems to protect your website and transaction processes. 
  • Legal issues - getting to grips with e-commerce and the law can be a challenge and you’ll need to be aware of, and plan to cope with, the additional customer rights which are attached to online sales.
  • Advertising costs - while online marketing can be a very efficient way of getting the right customers to your products, it demands a generous budget. This is especially true if you are competing in a crowded sector or for popular keywords. 
  • Customer trust - it can be difficult to establish a trusted brand name, especially without a physical business with a track record and face-to-face interaction between customers and sales staff. You need to consider the costs or setting up a good customer service system as part of your online offering.