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Sukhpreet Singh
Head Training and Placements
Asked a question 10 months ago

What are essentials for choosing right candidate for any job

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Varaang Ghai
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To ensure an HR hires the right candidate. They need to look forward for below import points. 

  • Creation of more accurate Job Description
  • Improve Interview questions Bank.
  • Interact and listen more with candidate to get a clarity
  • Need to increase efficiency of the Hiring Process. 

Essentials for choosing right candidates for any job are:

1. Number of Candidates 

A number of candidates applying for a position is a good mark to start the process of hiring. 

2. Quality of Candidates

From the stated first focal point, the next step is to assess the qualifications of candidates. Since you already know the candidates’ basic information, it is time to dig deeper on the essentials.

3. Cost Efficiency

When conducting a hunt for an employee, holding a specific budget is important. Therefore, it is as equally important to assess the generation of application of the methods that you used in information dissemination.

4. Hiring 

Lastly, choosing one or more applicants who fit in the job is as crucial as posting an announcement of a job opening. Hiring means getting the most qualified and efficient ones chosen from the whole process.


Jahnvi Singh Parihar
Communication Skills, Educational Technology & Operations Expert

Choosing the right candidate has always been a troublesome task for the management, as it takes lot of efforts and time for picking out the rightful candidates from those tremendous number of applicants. The expected qualities that every company looks in an employee are as follows:-

  1. Teamwork- Be it being a leader or a group member, one should know how to tackle situations of difficulties in a group. Should never let your group fall apart.
  2. Willingness to learn- Even if he/she knows literally everything regarding mankind, then too must try learning what is being explained by their heads. Be it work or any thing else, his/ her actions should speak for the work.
  3. Communication- Should possess good communication and english skills, both written and spoken. Should be confident in his actions.
  4. Self-motivation- There are many times in life when you start falling apart due to load of work and personal life, he is expected to be a mature person and be responsible for his actions. And stay motivated and self driven in hard times.
  5. Culture fit-The exact meaning of “culture fit” changes with every organization. But it’s not as simple as being about who you want to have lunch or an after-work drink with; it’s much more about who understands and embraces the workplace and mode of work, from the open-space layout to the dress code. Culture fit might even change among different teams. It’s a good idea to sit down with your team members and discuss about what constitutes culture fit for your team and narrow it down to specific traits or values.