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What are disadvantages of gig economic workers?

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Disadvantages of Gig Worker

No benefits. Unfortunately, for most gig economy jobs, benefits aren’t part of the package. Because you’re not a full-time employee of the organization, the laws regarding the benefits the company needs to give you are different. Some businesses will offer benefits to longer-term contractors, but this is rare. Gig economy workers should plan on budgeting for purchasing private insurance. They also need to plan retirement36 and budget how much of a paycheck to put towards that each month.

Isolation, lack of cultural solidarity.

Some workers may find the remote, removed life of the gig economy a problem. Often freelance workers don’t go into the office and miss on the social elements present there. From parties to regular watercooler talks, gig economy workers may find they spend their day alone, working from home or from a remote site. While this adds flexibility, it can also cause isolation from the other workers and the feeling of being removed or left out.

More stress.

Gig economy workers have to regularly be working to find their next gig, or be prepared for changes in their current one. This can lead to stress, as most people appreciate feeling secure and steady in their employment. Gig economy workers sometimes face unexpected changes in their jobs, from being let go, to a change in their salary. There is also stress in being removed from other employees and if there are questions or issues with a project, that can be difficult to communicate.

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