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Sujai Adithya
Human Resource and Banking & Finance Expert
Asked a question last year

Is outsourcing a good idea for Data Entry services?

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Sujai Adithya
Human Resource and Banking & Finance Expert

The amount of data involved in running a business can get really overwhelming. It doesn’t matter whether a business is small or large, there is always loads of data to manage. And despite however simple the data is, the process of data entry is time consuming. Outsourcing data entry services can be highly beneficial for the growth of a company.

Typically, the job of data entry is considered to boring. Along with the core services, if the employees of the company are assigned with this job, it only piles up their work and hence reduces their overall efficiency. It can also make them dull, and they might even end up losing their excitement towards their original job role. The creative contribution from their side might as well reduce. A good business leader should keep his/her employees in a good condition to extract the maximum out of them. With this additional role, the employees cannot be utilized to their maximum.

Instead, if the company decides to set up a new team to work exclusively on data entry, it will only increase the expenses of the company, thus proving to be disadvantageous. The expenditure involved in setting up a new team can amount to more than what would be expected. Money and other resources will be spent in recruitment, training, office space allocation, incentives for the employees and providing them with insurance as per the labor laws. This can severely affect the growth of the company.

Outsourcing can be considered to address these problems. The expenses would be relatively much lower than the previous option because money is spent only for the work done. Outsourcing also saves a lot of time, especially offshore outsourcing. For example, if a company in the Unites States or Canada outsources these services to a country like India, where the time difference is around 10-12 hours, they can serve their customers really fast.

Also, the data entry professionals will be of high quality and the data security will also be high as a non-disclosure agreement will be signed. Therefore, outsourcing as an option is a good idea.