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I have finished my 12 the grade and I would like to go into Makeup artist and have my own brand of make products how I am supposed to do it? And what courses I have to do ?

Where am I?

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Makeup artistry is a highly competitive industry in which artists can get success through effective training and their dedication to accomplish the highest standard.few key layers are as follows :

-Pearl Academy

-Lakme Training Academy Delhi School of Beauty and Makeup

-VLCC Institute of Beauty, Health and Management

Sujai Adithya
Business Development and Banking & Financial Services Expert

Though the market potential for beauty and fashion industry is very high in India, not much has been done to encourage this industry. There are not many options available in India to study beauty and fashion. Some of the top courses in the few available options would be:

a.) Learning Institute of Makeup And Hair

b.) Delhi Schools of Beauty and Makeup

c.) Glam Skills Academy and Institute

d.) VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition

e.) Pearl Academy

f.) Lakme Academy

g.) Shahnaz Husain Beauty Academy

h.) Fat Mu Pro Makeup School

These beauty schools have a good amount professional backing and industry connect. The courses offered by these people can be worthwhile. 

Beyond this, if you really want to establish yourself in the industry, you'll have to practice a lot and work on improving yourself on your own. There are so many videos and tutorials available for makeup given by the top people in the industry, like Kylie Jenner. You'll have to market yourself and your products to build your brand image. You can do courses like MBA in Brand Management which can help you with the business aspect of this.

The beauty and makeup industry is highly competitive and has very high standards. You have to keep yourself constantly updated according to the trends, and it requires perseverance and motivation to survive in this industry.

Good luck on your ambitions!

Most makeup artists complete a cosmetology or related program, where they can obtain the skills they'll need. Makeup artists who are also cosmetologists must be licensed in all states and later they van start their own brand. For that you need tk follow the given steps:

1. Obtain a degree or college diploma in cosmetology to gain an understanding of the industry.

2. Choose the attributes you want to base your brand on.

3. Build a brand around what's missing in the marketplace

4. Study cosmetic products to pick ingredients for your line.

5. Learn the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) regulations

To school/colleges which offer courses in makeup artistry are:

  • Pearl Academy.
  • Lakme Training Academey.
  • Home - Makup Training Center.
  • Delhi School of Beauty and Makeup.
  • VLCC Institute.
  • Pivot Point Beauty School.
Jahnvi Singh Parihar
Communication Skills, Educational Technology & Operations Expert

Makeup industry has seen a total boom and advancement in the past few years but sadly in our country not many of them come out confidently accepting their interest in being a makeup artist or cosmetologist. If you truly wish to be in it and want a career in this field then you should really go forward and gather more information about it from as many sources as possible.

Makeup artist qualifications include a BTEC Level 3 Diploma, a VTCT Level 3 Diploma, an ITEC Level 3 Diploma, a City and Guilds Diploma and a Makeup Standards Authority (MASA) diploma. These courses are offered by colleges, creative arts schools and beauty academies.

A course in makeup artistry can take a month or two. Usually, they are part of a cosmetology school's curriculum. Becoming a licensed cosmetologist can take about 8 months if you attend school full-time. If you decide to attend school on a part-time basis, the program could take up to 2 years.

  • Pearl Academy.
  • Lakme Training Academey.
  • Home - Makup Training Center.
  • Shahnaz Husain Beauty Academy
  • Delhi School of Beauty and Makeup.
  • VLCC Institute
  • Pivot Point Beauty School.

They offer many courses varying from skin care and hygiene, beauty consultation, brush types and uses, understanding skin tones, makeup techniques, makeup for portfolios and shoots.

Decide what you exactly want and go ahead, we are always here to help.

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