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How to spend your time effectively during Corona lockdown?

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Today, coronavirus has become a serious cause of global fear and concern. However, we can avoid the life-threatening virus from affecting us and our loved ones. 

Nonetheless, staying at home is probably the best precaution you can take at the present time to prevent COVID-19 from making you and your family its victim. 

Many people are finding coronavirus lockdown comfortable. 

If you are not one among them, you definitely need to engage in something to make this time at home productive rather than boring or frustrating.

So, if you have been finding it difficult to stay idle for a long period of time without going anywhere or without doing anything fun, here are things you can do to utilize your time:


  • Exercise

It is probably the best time you can indulge in exercising and ensuring that you remain healthy and fit. You can either start a new form of exercise or continue with your old one, as per your wish. What’s best is that in both cases, you will work towards improving your immunity. 


  • Think about your future

During the coronavirus lockdown, you will get ample time to be alone. Grant yourself some ‘Me-time’ and reflect on your future goals, physical and mental health, career aspirations, and more. Basically, utilize this time in thinking about everything you want for yourself, but usually don’t get the time to ponder over. 

  • Read books together

What a better way than reading books with your loved ones to make the most of your idle time? Doing so, will not only bring you all together but also introduce you to a completely new world of life experiences. 

Learn a language

Learning a language is a fun experience but it does need dedication. A language learned will give you an edge over others. It will add to your CV and will help you in your career as well if you do it right. That will open new avenues of education and jobs in the future.

Check out the various online courses and mobile apps available to easily learn new languages. Ask your parents to help you apply or do it yourself. Attend the online classes and appear for the test to get an online certificate for your new language skill!

This will not let you get bored while everything is locked down. Not only can you learn yourself with an online course, but you can teach your family members too.

While everyone is fighting the war against coronavirus, you can turn this into an opportunity to learn new skills.

Yash Joshi
Human Resource (HR) and Corporate Admin Expert

You can learn new skills using this time .

Precious time..

Enjoy with family.

Or Play guitar..

Learn programming language..

Do whatever best you can do at home. Learn new skills, use your time in productive works. It will help in saving most precious resources (Human resource) of country and help in fight against economic slowdown also besides fighting positively against corona.

Sukhpreet Singh
Head Training and Placements

This is best time to give your dreams a wing. Think what you are doing, what else you should do to scale it & achieve your dreams and invest your time in learning and upskilling