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Manonita Rathore
Gig economy and behaviour &soft skills Expert
Asked a question last year

How one can use amazon to acquire customers and build a brand?

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Manonita Rathore
Gig economy and behaviour &soft skills Expert

The Amazon Marketplace is the most significant online retailers  today. If you utilize it to your advantage, you can use this power to build your brand. We have developed a successful method with which you can use Amazon to acquire customers for your e-commerce business.

Enter your brand trademarks into the Amazon Brand Registry. Control who and where resellers can sell your brand online.

Once you are in the brand registry, aggressively shut down any unauthorized sellers quickly. Use MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing), so you don’t deflate your price points and profitability. Control the consistency of your brand’s representation across all selling channels.

Reviewing the customer purchase journey discussed previously, consistency of brand across all channels is crucial to being able to use Amazon to acquire customers.

Once you enroll in the brand registry, you get additional resources that are not available to resellers. You can build Enhanced Brand Content on your product’s Amazon pages. Enhanced brand pages allow you to communicate additional product benefits to customers.

You can add your brand logo, more images, text, and video to describe your product. They also allow you to build a storefront with multiple pages to explain your brand in more depth.

But Amazon Owns The Customer

Customers are very savvy today. If you engage with them correctly on any platform, you will win them over. You don’t have to give someone your website today. If they like your product and want more, they will find you.

Yes, it is true that Amazon owns the customers on their site. However, you get many opportunities to communicate your brand and your brand message. You cannot send customers directly to your website, but you can do it indirectly.

Again, reviewing the purchase path we showed earlier, the customer has probably already found you. There is a good chance the customer has already been to your website.

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