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Manonita Rathore
Gig economy and behaviour &soft skills Expert
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Explain the scopes of e-commerce in ICT (information communication technology)?

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Manonita Rathore
Gig economy and behaviour &soft skills Expert

E-Commerce is more than buying and selling product online. Instead it  encompasses the entire online process of developing, marketing , selling , delivering and paying for products and services purchased on internet. E-Commerce is a general concept covering any form of business transaction or information and exchange executed using internet. E-Commerce take place between companies, between companies and their customers or between companies and public administration. E-commerce (electronic commerce) includes electronic trading of goods and services and electronic materials.

E-Commerce uses three technologies electronic market, electronic data interchange and internet commerce. E-Commerce system includes commercial transaction on the internet but their scope is much wider than this. Here are the scopes of e-commerce in information communication technology:-  

• Electronic market :- The principal function of electronic market is to facilitate the search for the required product or services. An electronic market is an information system that provide facility for a buyer and seller to exchange information about price and product offering. Electronic market also tend to available only to the intermediaries. This bring together product, price and service information from many suppliers.  E-market can thus act as a database or catalogue. E- market is a virtual representation of physical market. For example, airline booking system.

• EDI ( electronic data interchange) :- electronic data interchange provides for the efficient transaction of recurrent trade exchange between commercial organization. The transfer of structured data by agreed message standards,  from one computer system to another computer system by electronic means is electronic data interchange. Electronic data interchange replace paper best document with electronic ones and the data in a document is transported in standardize format so that both the sender and the receiver can accurately read the document. Electronic data interchange is paperless technology of e-commerce. For example, large retail group (supermarket).

• Internet commerce :- the internet can be used for advertising good and services and transacting once-oof deal. Internet commerce has application for both business to business and business to consumer transaction. The internet commerce is used off the internet for all the four phases of creating and completing business transaction . Internet commerce include full sales and marketing cycle, identifying new markets, developing ongoing customer relationship, assisting potential customers with their purchasing decisions, providing round-the-clock point of sale, supply chain management and ongoing customer support.

Internet commerce is once off sale or transaction done using information and communication technology  Consumer purchasing over internet Typifies this trade. Internet commerce is also mentioned as a business to consumer E-Commerce. But internet, can also be used by organization to make once off of or infrequent purchase of items such as computers and other officer suppliers.