Why are a lot of people resigning from TCS? What are the problems in TCS?

There are a lot of people resigning from TCS. It consist of several problems that occurs while working in TCS or especially in service base company.
1.Yearly salary hike is not too much. As it is upto the employee expectation.
2.Sometimes the level of stress is immense here. As TCS is a service based company who hires individual on low wages.
3.You are not satisfied with the kind of work you are doing here.
4.You are not happy with the work culture here.
5.Most of the people working here are not technically skilled. So they found it difficult when they get some technical work.
6.Less chances of getting onsite.
7.Weak co-ordination between you and your team in which you are working.
8.If you are on BENCH for long time that is sitting idle without any project.
9.If you are working in support or maintenance project which has very less scope of learning.
10.Old technologies on which these companies are working.