What happens if someone is fired with a very bad review/feedback from an IT company like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) or any other top Indian IT companies? Will it be possible to get a job after getting fired with negative feedback?

Here is what happened to one of my friends few years ago…

1. He resigned from the company
2. Served the notice period
3. On the last day, he thought to send some of the code developed by himself on his personal email id, he thought it will help him to refer the code in future. BIG mistake! He did not realize that any code or document that he creates at work is not his own property.
4. His email from his office account to his personal account with a document and a code file was tracked. Information Security team escalated to the HR. It was found that this act is in non compliance with the non disclosure agreement.
5. HR decided to give him a termination letter.

Note: This happened on the last day of the notice period. Can anyone have a worse day than this?

To answer your question if you get fired from a company and the company gives you in writing that …

(A) You did not perform well that is why you are being terminated or

(B) You are terminated because of any behavioral issue or

(C) You are being terminated because of any information security issue like the example above

In all these cases, you will not have a clean letter of release to show to the future company/ employer. Also, if your future employer reaches out to the HR of the previous company for any reference check then also you may face issues because the feedback will be negative.

However, at times, you are not fired directly but indirectly. That is, the company does not give you a termination letter but instead they ask you to resign. In this case you may not face major issues because you don’t have anything negative given to you in writing. The company may, however, mark you as ‘Not suitable for hire again’.

Coming back to my Friend’s story. The HR gave him a termination letter but he did not lose courage. He appeared in multiple interviews for different job openings, in some interviews his past became an issue but in few cases he was able to convince the HR that he made a mistake and would be careful/ honest in future. Eventually, he got selected by one of the companies because he had the required experience and was really good in the skills required by them.