Office is a place where we meet too many types of people and here are some common type of peoples.

1) First person you will meet in your office is the one who works hard. He will have  all is project completed before the deadline. For him work is the most important thing in his life. he can't think anything other than work.  He never attend the parties or never go on a trip because of his office work.  

2) Then comes the second one who are the lazy one this people never do their job of work on time. They always put their work on others and get their work completed from other people for them self.

3) “Chugalkhor” the one who always back bitches about everyone in the office to one another. He is never focused on his work . He just need to gossips. He is the biggest reason for the many fights almost every fight in the office.

4) Four type of people are the one who always check out on every girl or a boy in office. As they think they will find their soulmate in office.

5) Are the peoples who are known as “ “Boss tail” this kind of people are always behind the boss because this will get them promotion and benefits. They have less interest in working hard. The strongly believe that working hard won’t let them the success they want but been tail of the boss can make them billionaire. lol!

6) Next type of people you will find in office are social media Queen a social media influencers. They are always busy in taking selfies or the picture of what they eat or drink or what work they are doing. They are always active on Instagram and Facebook during their working hours.

7) Here comes next who is the gossip queen in the office. She always have gossip about each one office colleagues. She is the walking Google of her office. “If you want to know who is Sara dating ? Or who had breakup last night? contact this type of people.

8) Every office have tea or coffee lover. They cannot started off their work without having the coffee or tea. They have the capacity to drink almost 10 to 15 cups in 6 hours of working. The cant function without their coffee or tea. The person who brings coffee or tea is their best friend.

 Which one are you ? Let me know in the comments down below .

I am definitely the coffee lover one who can't function without her coffee.