1. BECOME FAMILIAR: If you are new to a video call, familiarize yourself with how a video platform (Zoom, Go To Meeting, etc.) works.

2. STAY FOCUSED:  This is a BIG one.  Distractions at home are especially tempting.  Do what it takes to stay involved in and fully present with those that are on the call.  Put your phone away, close your door and stay off the internet.

3. BACKGROUND:  Plan ahead and be mindful of your background.  Is it professional?  Is it tasteful?  Will it distract others from the business at hand?

4. MUTE:  Keep yourself muted until it is time for you to speak.

5. RECORDING:  If you are the host and plan to record, make sure the attendees are aware.

6. DRESS:  You personal brand still matters.  Keep yourself professionally groomed and dressed.  

7. BEHAVE:  Act as if you are attending the meeting “live”.  Do not act or speak in a way that is not in keeping with your normal professional behavior.

8. TIME:  Be on time.

9. SPEAK: Speak up and speak clearly.