A success story of the startup which might excite you as it is well said that "when great minds come together they create wonders".

The logistics sector, one of the biggest in India, has come to a standstill with the coronavirus pandemic. Further, the 21-day lockdown has not helped the situation but has brought a slew of problems for the sector, such as the delay in orders shooting up to 21 percent and shipments that are stuck to nine percent. 

 An IBEF report marks logistics as a $200 billion industry, employing over 40 million people.  

And, despite having a handful of tech logistics startups in India, the sector needs organised players and disruption. This led Satish Haritash, Rohit Jain, and Atul Kwatra to start Mavyn.  “Logistics has always been an unorganised sector in the country. For the simple reason being that this function was always the last priority for enterprises. The past few decades saw involvement from third parties, however, that arrangement too had its repercussions since it was done manually. During my time at Chetak, I thought about bringing technology in the segment, and how it would impact the logistics industry,” says Satish, one of the co-founders. He thus started Mavyn in Delhi-NCR in April 2018. It is a digital trucking startup that focusses on truckload transportation. An app and web-based freight exchange platform, Mavyn provides the end-to-end shipping needs of companies with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), where shippers can book shipments within seconds. 

The startup has been the logistics partner for brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Haldirams, Urban Ladder, Marico, Hindustan Unilever, and others. 
“It is a third-generation business model, the only company in India to bring AI-based pricing. We provide the following benefits to shippers and truckers – shippers get AI and ML-based pricing, consistent and on-time delivery, and availability and access to vehicles in six hours. The truckers, in turn, get the regular business, secure and quick payment within 72 hours, convenience, and return business,”

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