No matter how awesome your product is and how much your customers like it, if you do not expand fast and quick, chances are that you will be ruined and duplicated by another party soon. So it becomes imperative for you to join hands with a big fish to ensure your hooks are deep in the market. Being a startup, it is not easy to expand your area of operations and clientele. With the deficit of resources and manpower, your competitors will, without doubt, try all sorts of tactics to stop you taking any of their market shares.  When one of the Jesse’s guys vanished and Skinny Pete ducked out so Jesse didn’t have a choice but to think outside the box and find a Bigger and Better distribution channel. This is where you need to be connected with very well “network” of partners like S James Morgan “Jimmy” McGill, also known as Saul Goodman to find and connect with countrywide distributors. Walter White would not have connected with Gustavo “Gus” Fring if not for Saul Goodman’s connections!