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How e learning is helping

Latest e-learning platforms are helping students, educators and institutions in evaluating the performance as a whole and are frequently being adopted by educational institutions in India. In the country, where traditional higher education may not be possible for all due... (More)

VIJAY replied a year ago
Akanksha Gehlot
Safejob Campus Ambassador

How is e-learning shaping India?

Technology has revolutionized the scope of education in India. E-learning concept is providing an opportunity to participate in engaging and interacive sessions, helping students with different concepts and to make them more competitive. With the latest technology spreading its wings... (More)

Shubham Talwar
e- commerce and service sector Expert

How is e-learning shaping India?

Education has a role to play in efforts of a country looking to transforming itself from a middle-income economy to a high-income.Technology will also help address the issue of quality of instruction.Today’s education system in India could learn much from... (More)